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Racing Fuel

Valor is the blender of Renegade Racing Fuels. We ship products to all corners of the U.S.

Acquisition Mode

Looking to pass on your family business? Valor is a family owned entity with many ventures under it’s belt. Contact us for a discrete meeting.

Coast Guard Certified

Are you sure your supplier is certified to fuel on water? Most aren’t and you could be at risk.

Retail Solutions

Need to lease a store, obtain supply, or sell? Contact us

Mobile Fueling Stations

Valor Oil offers mobile tanks and remote inventory control.

Branded Gasolines

Valor Oil offers Marathon, Shell, and Gulf branding contracts.

Blue Sky DEF

Valor isn’t just a resaler of DEF. We are one of a handful of blenders in the USA.

Valor Oil is a full-line petroleum distributor providing fuel, additives, lubricants and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) – as well as innovative, cost-saving services –  to gas stations, convenience stores, and a wide variety of businesses in the commercial, industrial, marine, mining and farming sectors in Kentucky, Central Tennessee, Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois.

With products ranging from a full line of lubricants to top tier branded gas to high-performance racing fuels and oils, Valor Oil has become one of the premier fuel and lubricant distributors in the region.